‘No Xbox’ trends of X following Marvel Vs. Capcom announcement

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Nintendo brought its A-game today with the Nintendo Direct presentation, announcing a new Mario and Luigi game, a new Zelda title where you play as Princess Zelda for the first time, and finally revealing a release window for Metroid Prime 4. But, one of the most unexpected announcements was the Marvel Vs. Capcom Fighting Collection, which will bundle 7 entries from the series, including the beat-em-up Punisher game from 1993 and six classic entries from the fighting game franchise, and bring them into the modern age with quality-of-life changes and online play.

Marvel Vs. Capcom Fighting Collection will be released later this year, with some of the games not seeing a release on another platform in close to 30 years. This release will also mark the first time that any entry in the series has appeared on a Nintendo platform, with them previously having been released on Arcade, Dreamcast, iOS, PC, PS1-4, PS Vita, Sega Saturn, and Xbox consoles. But, despite some of these games seeing an Xbox release in the past, this collection will be bypassing both the Xbox One and Series X, much to the disappointment of the community.

Marvel Super Heroes Spider Man Vs. Iron Man
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Following the announcement of the Marvel Vs. Capcom Fighting Collection, ‘No Xbox’ began to trend on X as the community expressed their views on the game not seeing an Xbox release, with @HeyElonYouSuck saying “No Xbox version feels like a gut punch.”

@Bella_Drive noted that previous Capcom collections have seen an Xbox release saying “A game like Marvel VS Capcom should be on as many platforms as possible. Previous Capcom collections have always been on Xbox too, why is this different?”

With the Marvel Vs. Capcom series being largely forgotten about over the past decade, except for Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, bringing it back to the forefront is a huge step for the franchise, so skipping a main platform is an odd decision. Following the announcement, there has also been speculation as to whether we could eventually see a Capcom Vs. SNK collection released, especially as the two companies have begun working together for the first time in many years by bringing Fatal Fury’s Terry, and King of Fighters’ Mai to Street Fighter 6. It would be a shame if that game was to bypass Xbox too.

Check out the Marvel Vs. Capcom Fighting Collection announcement trailer below.

This isn’t the only game from the Nintendo Direct presentation that is seemingly bypassing Xbox, with Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven only being released on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 24th.

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