by on Sep 6, 2019

Nintendo’s new Switch peripheral is a weird flexible exercise wheel

Nintendo has posted a short video of a new peripheral coming to the Switch, which looks like a flexible rubber wheel for exergaming fun. 

In the video, families and friends from around the world pick up this… whatever it is. One Joy-Con slots into the wheel, and the other Joy-Con attaches to the player’s leg using a strap. Games that involve sprinting on the spot, squeezing and compressing the wheel, balance tests, knee ups, and V sits were shown. So it would be safe to assume that this is the Switch’s answer to Wii Fit, given the frenetic energy emanating from all the different living spaces seen in the video. 

Wii Fit was incredibly successful and accessible: remember there were massive queues when it released, just days before Grand Theft Auto IV hit the stores? A Switch version that comes with a — hopefully — cheaper peripheral and uses the light Joy-Cons in an innovative way should meet with similar reception.

Nintendo will reveal more on what this is and what it can do on September 12. Watch the teaser announcement below. 



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