Nintendo looks set to loose money this fiscal year for the first time ever, but according to Asif Khan, CEO of Panoptic Management Consultants (an investment advice company with stock in Nintendo with the expectation that the assets will rise in value), the company isn't just going to roll over.

"Nintendo has been left for dead by investors this year. It would be a bigger story if Miyamoto left to work for Microsoft," Khan told IndustryGamers.

Khan doesn't believe that Miyamoto leaving Nintendo would be the end of the company, pointing out that a single man hasn't made the company what it is today.

"The man is 59 years old, and eventually all people retire and/or die. The mark he has left on the video gaming industry will not disappear overnight. Nintendo has international brands and a playbook for how to exploit them; if you think that one man is responsible for their success you are very mistaken," said Khan.

"He said in his interview that he has been preparing his younger developer to take the reigns for some time now, and I take him for his word. Steve Jobs put together a great team to achieve the success we have seen at Apple, and I have no doubt that Miyamoto and Iwata have done the same. Nintendo has been around since 1889, and I don't think they plan on rolling over and dying even if that is the consensus in investing and media circles."

Nintendo plans to release its next console, the Wii U, in the second half of 2012, and there are growing rumours of a 3DS redesign being in the works.

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