The first quarter of 2006 looks like it'll be pretty good for Nintendo fans, with several high profile titles due for release in North America. For the DS, gamers can look forward to Electroplankton on January 9, True Swing Golf on January 23, Super Princess Peach on February 27, and finally the much anticipated Metroid Prime Hunters on March 20. Hunters will feature online play thanks to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

The GameCube and GBA/Micro don't have such a strong line-up to look forward to, with Chibi-Robo (February 6) and Odama (March 6) making their way to the GameCube, whilst Drill Dozer (February 6) and Tales of Phantasia (March 6) will be released on the GBA/Micro.

The full line-up of quarter-one titles making their way to the Nintendo platforms in Europe was released yesterday and sadly lacked release dates for titles such as Metroid Prime Hunters and Princess Peach, so as usual it appears Europe is being harshly treated.