Nintendo doesn't want a repeat of the 3DS launch software quality issues with the Wii U, president Satoru Iwata has said in a shareholder meeting. The platform holder has admitted that there was a lack of quality launch titles for the 3D handheld.

"We also must reflect on the fact that we were not able to launch Nintendo 3DS at a time when a sufficient number of strong software titles were ready," said Iwata. "In order to avoid the same thing from happening to the Wii U, we are considering details, such as what software is suitable for the launch, more carefully than ever before."

Nintendo has already admitted that huge challenges lay ahead for Wii U, so strong launch software is essential.

Given the success of mobile phones in recent years and the shaky start of the 3DS, a shareholder asked about Nintendo introducing mobile phone functionality into the handheld.

"If we had never considered combining a mobile phone and a handheld device, we would be negligent," responded Iwata, "but on the other hand, mobile phones are subject to monthly fees, and we need to consider how well this would fit with game devices or how we should balance these aspects. Adding to this, mobile phone companies are generally divided by countries, and when running a business on a worldwide basis, we need to consider in what conditions can we partner up with mobile phone companies around the world. Please understand that we are still researching these areas."

An official Pokemon app for iOS and Android devices was confirmed last week by The Pokemon Company, but Nintendo has stated that it won't produce apps for iOS or other hardware makers. Nintendo, however, can't stop The Pokemon Company from developing mobile apps.


Via Gamespot