by on Sep 16, 2020

Nintendo Switch Online gets Donkey Kong Country 2, Mario’s Super Picross & more this month

Nintendo has announced four more classic SNES and NES titles coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service that subscribers will be able to download and play from next week.

Heading up the pack is Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Quest, the 1995 sequel to classic platformer Donkey Kong Country. This time playing as Diddy and Dixie Kong, you’ll be saving Donkey from his kidnappers across 8 worlds and 52 levels in classic 16-bit action.

Also announced is the previously-Japanese-only (although it did see the light of day in the West via the Wii Virtual Console in 2007) release Mario’s Super Picross, side scrolling 1994 beat-em-up The Peace Keepers and 1991 NES alien shooter S.C.A.T. (Special Cybernetic Attack Team.)

All four games will include all the usual benefits of the retro games released so far for the service including save states, and voice chat via the Nintendo Switch Online app for mobile, and will be available at no extra cost to those who subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online from September 23. Check out a trailer for all four games, as well as an instructional video for Mario’s Super Picross, below.



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