Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly demoed at Gamescom

Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly demoed at Gamescom
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The latest update on the Nintendo Switch 2 may be the most substantial yet, as it’s being claimed the as yet unannounced successor was being demoed at Germany’s Gamescom show last month.

That’s according to Eurogamer, who claim that developer presentations for the new console were taking place behind closed doors at the event in Cologne. According to them, developers were shown a “souped up” version of Breath of the Wild which apparently showcased the improved hardware to those in attendance. However, they clarify, this wasn’t an indication a new version of that game will be released at all for the new console, as it was just a tech demo for the developers watching.

If true, a purported 2024 date for the Nintendo Switch 2 looks even more likely, despite the fact Nintendo has so far stayed silent to the fans on whether a new Switch is indeed on the way. There’s been plenty of rumours along the way though, and if a launch next year is on the cards, presumably Nintendo will be showing their hands soon to get fans and retailers alike ready for the new machine. Other reports have claimed that development kits are in the hands of studios already, but so far that information has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Eurogamer say they approached Nintendo for a response on the matter, but did not receive one.

The news comes little more than a couple of months following a very prominent “leak” circulated the internet that was fairly quickly quashed as a fan-made mock-up. But given the Switch is now more than six years old at this point, a new machine does seem like a logical step. The console’s age hasn’t stopped its popularity though, with Zelda Tears of the Kingdom launching earlier this year to a rapturous reception. (It’s not good news if you’re hoping for a DLC though.) For more on the Nintendo Switch 2 here’s everything we know so far rounded up into one handy guide.

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