Sorry internet, that Nintendo Switch 2 leak is definitely fake

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The Nintendo Switch 2 leaks are out in full force again, as talk of a successor to the insanely popular handheld has increased in volume after a new image, purporting to be of the new console, started doing the rounds online.

The image has been posted by Twitter accounts such as ChitoGaming with the caveat to take it with a pinch of salt, claiming that an announcement may be coming this year. The tweet in question has had over a million views at the time of writing, however there’s a few key factors that make it fairly obvious that it’s an elaborate fake, or at the most just a proof-of-concept rather than a real image of any potential Switch 2.

The first thing users are pointing out are some inconsistencies with the UI on the screen. For example, the game name The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom would not capitalise every word. There’s also the fact that one of the main games front and center on the box art is Super Mario Odyssey. While that game is indeed immensely popular, it was a launch game for the original Switch and as such likely wouldn’t make sense to have front and center of the new console, even if backwards compatibility was a huge factor.

Speaking of, the fact that all the games shown are original Switch games seems to be another indicator that this image is not on the up-and-up. While hardware refreshes are nothing new for Nintendo, even the OLED Model doesn’t have any games on its box art on the standard SKU, so if this is a whole new system it’d be trying to sell itself entirely on what are the previous-generation’s games.

It seems as though this mock-up originates from a Twitter account called NintendogsBS, which was only set up earlier this month, and apart from the ‘BS’ in the name doesn’t provide any context. It originally posted the image back on July 12, and added a generic-looking video yesterday with not-too-convincing effects that also doesn’t quite fit in with Nintendo’s usual style and instead look like a hobby project from someone learning the ropes of 3D animation software.

We’ll keep our eyes open for anything concrete or an official announcement, but for now here’s what we know about a potential Nintendo Switch 2. Earlier this year, tongues were further set wagging on a Switch successor after comments from Ubisoft’s CEO.

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