Nintendo has reported an increase in 3DS sales in the April to June quarter compared to the same time period in 2011.

In April to June 2011 the 3DS shifted 710,000 units, whereas the 3D handheld moved a far more impressive 1.86 million in the same quarter this year.

Nintendo plans to sell 18.5 million 3DS units in the financial year ending March 2013.

Sales of the firm's DS and Wii slumped, but with new hardware out or on the horizon it's hardly surprising. Wii unit sales were down to 710,000 compared to 1.56 million, and DS sales dropped to 540,000 from 1.44 million.

The Wii U is set for a worldwide launch in 2012, but no release date has been announced. The larger-screened 3DS XL hits stores in the UK on Friday.

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