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Nintendo is offering up to $20k if you figure out Switch security weaknesses

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As picked up by Eurogamer, Nintendo is now offering monetary rewards for info on Switch security weaknesses. The company is particularly interested in preventing piracy and cheating, and preventing the ‘dissemination of inappropriate content to children.’

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Nintendo has posted through a website called Hacker One. The rewards range from $100 up to the full $20k, depending on how serious it would be for Nintendo if the flaw was exploited, and easy it would be for a regular consumer to use said flaw. 

Ninty are still interested in information on vulnerabilities for the 3DS. In case you’re about to start cracking all your gaming kit, you should know that, for either console, you’ll only be rewarded for spotting a flaw if you’re the first person to report it. Also, Nintendo is the one who gets to decide if what you report is reward worthy or not.