by on Aug 14, 2018

Nintendo has sold a staggering 700 million-plus gaming platforms

Nintendo has sold an earth-shattering total of 727.65 million gaming devices since 1983, according to new lifetime figures published on its IR website (via

The figures confirm that the format giant has flogged 300.54 million home consoles and 427.11 handheld systems, with the DS currently its best-selling system ever with just over 154 million units moved worldwide. 

In terms of home consoles, the Wii is unsurprisingly the top of the list with 101.63 million units sold since it launched in 2006.

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum is the Virtual Boy, which has sold 770,000 units to date.

See below for the full breakdown.

Home Consoles

Wii – 101.63 million

NES – 61.91 million

SNES – 49.10 million

Nintendo 64 – 32.93 million

GameCube – 27.74 million

Switch – 19.67 million

Wii U – 13.56 million


DS – 154.02 million

GameBoy & GameBoy Colour – 119.69 million

GameBoy Advance – 81.51 million

3DS – 72.89 million


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