Speaking in an interview with Kikizo, Eguchi went over some old ground in regards to Animal Crossing on the Wii, discussing possible ideas for friends to visit your village even when you are not playing the game - perhaps dropping off a present that you would see when you come back to the game. He also talked about the idea of sending messages to players of the game using mobile phones and email.

"Another application might be someone could send a letter from their cellphone or from an email address on a PC to the Wii, and then the player living in the town in Animal Crossing could receive that letter," said Eguchi.

As for how the Wii's online system will work, Friend Codes as used with the DS seem to be the order of the day, but Eguchi is unsure about DS and Wii crossover. "There probably will be Friend Codes for the Wii version, however, we're not so sure about compatibility," he said. "So it's most likely that everyone will be using new codes."

At E3 the appearance of a light-gun attachment for the Wii controller was well received and Eguchi says that "if software calls for a light gun, we'll make a light gun." He went on to add that "if the software requires a guitar, then maybe we'll make a guitar. Our number one priority is always to provide the ultimate gameplay experience, so if the game requires a peripheral, then we'll supply a peripheral."

With the Wii remote forming the base of many peripherals we could see all manner of game specific peripherals released. A guitar would be cool, but I'd rather see SEGA bring back the maracas for a new Samba De Amigo game (you'd need two Wii controllers).