GameCube owners can say goodbye to any further software support from Nintendo; the platform holder has now confirmed that first-party software support for the console has come to an end.

Despite ending production of the GameCube and its software, Nintendo of America's Perrin Kaplan believes the console still has a market.

"... just like the PS2 sold really well this past holiday, GameCube is a great starter system - price, ease, games, cost of games. Every one of the consoles has had its cycle and every single one of them has become a great starter system at the last leg of its cycle, and that's where GameCube's at," Kaplan told Game Daily.

Of course, Wii owners can already play GameCube games thanks to the console's backwards compatibility. That said, gamers without a Wii in their lives could do a lot worse than spend their money on a bargain priced GameCube.