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Nightingale developer Inflexion Games acquired by Tencent

Canadian developer Inflexion Games —studio behind upcoming survival crafting game Nightingale—has been bought by Tencent.

As reported by, the two companies announced the acquisition today, but didn’t disclose the value of the deal. The deal also means that Nightingale will no longer use former owner Improbable’s cloud-based SpatialOS technology.

As CEO Aaryn Flynn describes it, the game will now be “a more intimate, single-player or small group player experience”. Interestingly enough, it seems this future has been in the cards for some time, with Flynn claiming the decision to reduce the scale was made last summer, long before Nightingale‘s reveal back in December.

However, Flynn believes this new partnership with Tencent will greatly benefit the game. “We recognized in them not just the biggest game development company in the world, but a company that had vast experience in creating compelling live services and engaging player communities, and understanding exactly the culture that’s necessary to go and build that. And since that was a big part of our business plan with Nightingale, we got excited by that complementary expertise.”

Nightingale was originally revealed as a survival game with a  “Victorian gaslamp fantasy setting” during this year’s Game Awards. Inflexion Games is made up of former Bioware developers, with Flynn himself the former general manager of Bioware. The studio is yet to set a specific release date for Nightingale. However, the game is expected to land via early access on PC later this year.

EDIT: An earlier version of this article stated that the game would be published by Level Infinite, a Tencent label. We’ve since been informed this wasn’t correct, and is just the stable of Level Infinite titles that Tencent provides support and services to. We’ve amended the article to correct the mistake.


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