Multiple new game modes are to be introduced to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of NHL 15 in a pair of updates rolling out this month and next, EA Sports has announced.

The announcement follows widespread criticism from fans over the revelation that the next-gen versions feature relatively little content in comparison to earlier games, including the removal of fan-favourite features EA Sports Hockey League, GM Connected and more.

"Thanks for being part of this journey as we head into the launch of NHL 15 on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the start of a new generation of hockey videogames," wrote producer Sean Ramjagsingh on EA's forums.

"We're incredibly proud of the next-generation gameplay and presentation experience we've created for all our fans. From the Next-Generation Hockey Player and True Hockey Physics to the Unrivalled In-Arena Experience and a revolution in Broadcast Presentation, I'm extremely proud of what our team has delivered in one year on new technology..."

He continued: "However, we're not done. We're committed to keeping the experience fresh throughout the hockey season, in addition to the roster and ratings updates you've always received, the list below contains the free content updates for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 we're working on and our expected window on when you will see them in the game."

The first update, which is due out later this month, will introduce a variety of new features including a new Playoff Mode that allows players to create offline tournaments; coach feedback for Be A Pro; 3 Stars of the Game; and several content updates for Hockey Ultimate Team, including a new layout, new animations and an improved edit lines screen.

Then, in October, a second update will introduce Online Team Play, a new 5 vs 5 multiplayer mode where every player on the ice bar the goalkeeper can be controlled; and GM Draft, which introduces a 3 minute time limit to make a draft pick and let players call time outs.

Exact release dates for the two updates have yet to be announced.

NHL 15 launches on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 this Friday, September 12.


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