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NHL 23: Patch Notes 1.2 – World Of Chel And More

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NHL 23 released its latest patch for fans yesterday and it came with a lot of important changes. Since the games launch on October 14th, NHL 23 has dropped a few small updates, but nothing overtly extensive thats addressed many of the key issues that fans have encountered.

In this patch, NHL 23 focused heavily on improving its presentation, sharpening its World of Chel experience, and incorporated a slew of new jerseys for fans to rock on the ice. But what other important changes can fans expect to see in-game?

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NHL 23 has been out for over three weeks and has received a variety of feedback and criticism for setbacks in its new game. NHL 23’s presentation has been lackluster and both Hockey Ultimate Team and Franchise Mode haven’t provided the smoothest experiences fans were expecting.

Curtesy of EA Sports, here’s a look at the all the remaining details that NHL 23 addressed in its latest update.

NHL 23 Patch Notes 1.2

NHL 23 Gameplay
Curtesy of NHL 23

NHL 23 Gameplay


  • Improved defenseman gap control to defend against the rush through the middle of the ice


  • Fixed an issue where user goalies were under performing on Arcade and Semi Pro difficulties
  • General goalie bug fixing around jittering and animation selection


  • Fixed an issue with the Selected Gameplay Strategies in game not matching what’s in the Strategy menus

NHL 23 Presentation

  • Fixed an issue with an end-of-game celebration which showed players that were sitting on the bench celebrating with goalie instead of players that were on the ice at end of game.
  • Fixed issue that prevented chosen gameplay camera from showing up during gameplay
  • Be A Pro – Fixed issue that could cause selection of wrong camera in some cinematics
  • Fixed an infinite sync loop that could occur when a player quits gameplay in OT
  • Spengler Cup – Fixed issue where trophy didn’t properly fit into hands of players
  • Fixed audio issue where national anthems wouldn’t play if sim intervening into the first period
  • Fixed issue with lighting in Be A Pro that could cause a flash of white light on load
  • Stanley Cup Celebration – Fixed an issue that would cause a player to disappear during the sequence where cup is passed from player to player
  • Fixed issue during end of game celebration where goalie could be holding stick with their trapper hand instead of blocker
  • Fixed audio issue where crowd doesn’t behave properly when anthem intro follows a be-a-pro scripted event
  • Fixed issue that causes wipes to be held for too long which lead to missing parts of goal replay
  • Fixed issue with crowd signs not showing correct dynamic data (eg. Player Names)
  • Fixed game crashes in Three Modes after goal is scored
  • Fixed audio issue in the main menu that would cause the soundtrack to play under speech
  • The long goal horn blast is now used for all teams on home team shootout wins

World Of Chel

  • Added the ability for EASHL Club users to swap player positions on the Power Play and/or Penalty Kill.
  • Added Strategy Tool Tips to Online VS and EASHL Clubs
  • Added back Strategies Quick Swap back to EASHL 6v6 Power Play and Penalty Kill Lineup
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurs during gameplay in EASHL Drop-in 3v3
  • Fixed an issue where the main menu would sometimes fail to load up on the World Of Chel main hub
  • Fixed an issue where some users were not being transitioned from the post match-up screen into EASHL games 
  • Fixed an issue where the prolonged syncing wipe screen would cause users to miss goal replays
  • Fixed an issue where EASHL club logos were missing from the pause menu
  • Fixed an issue where no audio SFX was playing when World of Chel bags were opened
  • Fixed an issue where certain player glove types were not loading in Free Skate 
  • Fixed an issue where the first-time user flow tips for Roles in Club Strategies didn’t have an arrow pointing to feature user can change
  • Fixed an issue where the camera angle doesn’t change regardless of the setting
  • Fixed a text color issue on leaderboards so recent games info was properly visible
  • Fixed an issue where the dressing room chat box does not display the teammate gamertag in drop-in rollover dressing rooms
  • Increased the size of the edit strategies options text box so less text needs to scroll
  • Fixed an issue where multiple options were being highlighted after coming back from team strategies
  • [XBOX] Fixed an issue where the Goal NIS images would show up corrupted
  • [XBOX] Fixed an issue where the user is prompted with the “Insufficient Permission” message in online modes after allowing the “You can join multiplayer games” privilege setting
  • Added additional content into World of Chel for upcoming Chel challenges. Check back often to collect the latest cool new content.

Hockey Ultimate Team

  • Added HUT content migration.
  • Fixed an issue with TOTW Items not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue where player items were not being displayed after scoring a goal
  • Fixed an issue with HUT Rivals Rank Icons
  • Fixed issues with readability of Rivals on ice textures
  • Various UI fixes

Franchise Mode

  • Misc crash fixes
  • Misc UI fixes
  • Misc BAP conversation fixes
  • Added ability to substitute AHL teams within Custom Leagues
  • Added a setting that allows the user to use entire pool of NHL players in a Custom Leagues fantasy draft regardless of how many teams are in the league.
  • Fixed an issue where generated players showed up with college helmets in gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where the Stanley Cup presentation did not play when winning the series in aggregate format in Custom Leagues.
  • Fixed an issue where hiring a new Head Coach did not update the strategies tab within Edit Lines

Ice Art

Updated the following teams center ice art.


  • Kansas City Mavericks


  • Saint John Seadogs
  • Val d’Or Foreurs


  • Red Deer Rebels


Added in a vast variety of new uniforms for the following leagues in NHL 23.

  • NHL
  • AHL
  • ECHL
  • DEL
  • HockeyAllsvenskan
  • National League
  • WHL

NHL 23 Patch Notes 1.2 Download Size

NHL 23 Gameplay
Curtesy of NHL 23

The download sizes will likely vary depending on the console you own. That said, each of the NHL 23 patch file sizes are going to be roughly the same for each corresponding console generation.


The Xbox One (which I play on) had a patch size of 4.8 GB and took roughly 30 minutes to download. It’s safe to expect the patch to consist of similar durations and sizes for PS4, and likely for PS5 and Xbox Series X as well.

NHL 23 released its patch notes yesterday. So be sure to check your console and download the latest fixes and changes NHL 23 has applied into their new game.

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