NHL 23: Best Retro Jerseys

NHL 23: Best Retro Jerseys
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Whenever you play a game on NHL 23, it’s always a lot of fun to make a statement on the ice with some of the snazzy jerseys you can wear with your team. It brings out the spirit of that franchise and adds a level of flavor that’s refreshing and invigorating to experience.

NHL 23 has a variety of great jerseys for every team to begin with. But just about three weeks ago, NHL 23 released a slew of new retro jerseys in-game, one for every team. And let’s face it, the collection they provided us is pretty elite.

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With the retro jerseys out in NHL 23 for three weeks now, we’ve had the chance to soak in the awesome selection and see for ourselves which ones top our personal lists of favorites.

Well for those of you still pondering which ones appeal to you most or haven’t had the chance yet to scope them out, we figured we would help you out with that process by providing our very own Top 5 of the retro jerseys you can wear in NHL 23.

Without another moment to spare, here’s our list of the best retro jerseys in NHL 23.

NHL 23: Top 5 Retro Jerseys

NHL 23
Curtesy of NHL 23

5. Montreal Canadians

Seeing the Montreal Canadians in a baby blue uniform is a neat change of pace. It’s softer appeal meshes well with the red logo and touches of dark blue from the shorts to the helmet. The Canadians are known for their crimson red appeal. But this nice baby blue brings a different classy side to the team in a cool way.

4. Washington Capitals

The Capitals are notorious for their red jerseys and usually sport white ones on the road. But their new, all black jerseys jump out at you in a special way that we haven’t had a taste of from this specific franchise. Can you just picture flying around the ice with Alexander Ovechkin in that clean black uniform? You don’t have to take my word for it and can check it out yourself in NHL 23.

3. Minnesota Wild

Known for their dark green, beige and crimson red color scheme, the Minnesota Wild’s decision to breakout the lime green look with the yellow stripes and touches was a sweet idea, bringing out a warmer side to the teams standard color mix. Though the change to the a lighter green was a subtle one, it brings this Wild team a whole new meaning and is one of the best retros out of NHL 23’s new collection.

2. Anaheim Ducks

From the logo to the color scheme, this jersey is a big win. Though it’s nice to see the Anaheim Ducks rock their black and white uniforms, there’s something about the vintage logo along with the bright orange shorts that just speaks Ducks culture. Who are we kidding, the logo itself is iconic enough to land this jersey in the second spot.

1. Buffalo Sabres

At at number one, that’s right, we have the Buffalo Sabres. As you can see in the photo above, the Sabres logo is truly one of a kind, and quite frankly, is better than the one they currently have. Though the white color doesn’t bring out the teams purest identity, the light touches of lavender blue and gold are just enough to make this jersey one classy sight to behold. It takes my number one spot without debate.

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