Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has played the NGP and likes what he saw, Tweeting that "with the right software, quite awesome".

"Hands on NGP at Sony yesterday; with the right software, quite awesome. The controls very smooth, the screen flawless, price will be high," he tweeted.

He followed with his thoughts on the handheld's release price.

"Tretton said NGP "between $100 and $599", am betting it's priced either $299 or $349, depending upon bill of materials"

"My guess? Two models, one at each of those price points (3G/non-3G). Or maybe $349/$399."

Finally Pachter said what gamers will be pleased to hear.

"Uncharted NGP tech demo was cool, accelerometer to swing on rope, massage back touch pad to climb, dual analogs intuitive. Gamers will likee."

We're expecting to hear much more on the NGP at E3 this summer - hopefully a price, release date and even its final name.