Next year's Plants vs Zombies game will be a sequel to last year's Garden Warfare, new job ads for Popcap have confirmed.

References to the shooter appear in two separate ads posted over the last week, with one stating that "Popcap HD is looking for a talented Interface Designer to help bring the UI of a new Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare game to life". Another, meanwhile, reveals that Popcap is "seeking a Designer/Scripter to help us create engaging mission experiences for an upcoming shooter."

EA announced that it was developing a new Plants vs Zombies game for console and PC last month, with a release scheduled for early 2016.

However, it didn't confirm whether the game would be a sequel to Garden Warfare or something entirely new, simply describing the title as a "bigger and bolder new console experience".

More details on the game are set to be revealed at E3.


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