New footage of next week's 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack for Batman: Arkham Knight has been released as part of a new Arkham Insider video posted by Warner.

The new video reveals that the tracks have been inspired by Batman: Returns, with the classic 1989 Batmobile racing around movie sets packed with nods to the iconic film. There's plenty of snow and some adorable penguins, too...

Rocksteady reveals that the retro Batmobile is longer and lighter than the regular in-game car, which allows the track design to feature sharper bends than in previous circuits.

Also featured in the video is a look at the upcoming Robin AR Challenge.

The 1989 Pack is included in the game's Season Pass, and offers the 1989 movie Batmobile, two new tracks and the 1989 Batman costume.

Source: Warner

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