Not a single gamer will pass up the opportunity to play GTA 5 in September in the hope of a next-gen version coming out later, Take-Two executive chairman and chief executive officer Strauss Zelnick has told investors.

Responding to a question regarding a "dual-generation launch" for Grand Theft Auto 5, Zelnick said: "There is not one gamer who's going to sit it out of Grand Theft Auto 5 hoping that something down the road is going to come along that's better. Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to blow everyone away, and it will be in the market in September."

He went on to speak about "an extraordinary array of offerings" planned for next-gen, but stayed clear of confirming Grand Theft Auto 5 for new platforms.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released September 17 for Xbox 360 and PS3. PC and Wii U versions haven't been announced.


Source: Seeking Alpha

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