Rising Star Games has announced the 2009 release of the Wii exclusive RPG, Little King's Story. The game is in development at Marvelous Entertainment, creators of Harvest Moon, and was previously revealed under the working title, Project O.

The game stars a young boy named Corobo. He's shy and without many friends, but stumbles upon a mysterious crown which grants him the ability to charm any person and make them follow his orders. Out of the blue Corobo is made King of his village and begins a quest to turn it into a fantastic kingdom.

Gameplay is said to be a mix of life-simulation, RTS and adventure, with players having to manage and involve the townspeople in creating the kingdom. They will be enlisted to dig for treasure, build new buildings and help out in the local community. As King, players will also need to conquer rival nations with the goal to create a single, unified kingdom.

"Little King's Story has an art style that is very 'story-book' in look and one that we feel will be universally loved," stated Yasuhiro Wada, Managing Director of Marvelous Entertainment Inc. "The game has a fairytale quality that will intrigue and delight gamers the world around."

Look out for more on Little King's Story in the coming weeks, with the promise of more info and screen shots.