New Valorant Aemondir bundle is a searing collection of eye-catching skins

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The Aemondir bundle, a searing collection of Valorant skins set ablaze, has been leaked ahead of its in-game release, and it’s a pack you won’t want to miss. Like most bundles, this set contains cosmetics for a handful of different guns, including the Vandal, Bulldog, Sheriff, Bucky, and one for your melee weapon. It also gives you a unique end-of-round animation that involves swords raining down on the last enemy you kill, so you can add even more insult to injury in matches.

If you want to get your hands on these skins, you won’t have to wait long. Based on the official Valorant X (formerly Twitter) account, it’ll be arriving soon (reportedly June 11, according to Valorant Updates), so you’ll need to start saving up beforehand. It is worth noting, though, that neither Riot nor any other Valorant-related social media accounts have revealed what the bundle’s price will be. But since this looks to be a premium collection, you can likely expect it to cost around 8,700 Valorant points.

Fan reactions to the new bundle have largely been positive, as most players are predictably praising the finisher animation. The bayonets added onto each weapon have also consistently been pointed out as one of these cosmetics’ most eye-catching parts. Unsurprisingly, though, the latest bundle also has its fair share of critics, with most calling the actual weapon skins uninspired.

No matter if you want this bundle as part of your collection or not, though, you’ll have to remain patient until it makes its way into the in-game store. Until then, check out our page on these 7 FPS games like Valorant, so you can satisfy your FPS thirst without burning out on one game. Alternatively, you can take a look at our recommendation for the best sensitivity settings in Valorant to give you an edge over the competition.

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