In case you haven't been keeping up, time is a major factor in The Occupation, White Paper Games' promising-looking adventure game set in 1980s England. 

The Occupation takes place entirely in real-time, which places great emphasis on your decision-making as you control a journalist investigating the controversial Union Act, which came into place following a fatal terrorist attack.

Your adventure unfolds over a four-hour period, so you don't have much room for error; one choice could make or break your efforts, so you have to think carefully about what you're going to do next. It definitely sounds an intriguing concept, that's for sure.

The latest trailer for the game looks at how crucial time is during gameplay, as you go about following up on important leads, interacting with other characters, and solving puzzles.

The Occupation is scheduled for release on March 5 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. 



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