New puzzle game Traffic Wonder is coming soon to major tablets, PC and Mac, and features a unique environmental message.

Traffic Wonder, from independent developer Yo Ambulante, is based on a simple idea: guide the coloured vehicles to their respective destinations, using as little fuel as possible.

Whilst the game isn't scheduled to launch for another few weeks, a fully-functioning beta for Android tablets, iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Kindle Fire and desktop is available to download for free from

The vehicles in Traffic Wonder behave as in real-life - speeding up long straights, and slowing down to take tight turns. In addition, different sized vehicles will run at different speeds, making route-planning more challenging.

As in real life, fuel is a precious resource, and players are encouraged and rewarded for using as little as possible. Players will learn how different routes affect the fuel consumption, with particularly efficient solutions rewarded with in-game medals.