New Overwatch leak shows off Halloween skins for Mei, Zenyetta and Symmetra

New Overwatch leak shows off Halloween skins for Mei, Zenyetta and Symmetra
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Blizzard confirmed last week that Overwatch would see the return of the Halloween event, and it seems that the leaks are now in full motion. Three more skins have appeared on Reddit (thanks PfeiferWolf), courtesy of adverts on Facebook, and there are some frighteningly good makeovers for Mei, Symmetra and Zenyetta. These follow on from Blizzard revealing Reaper taking on the guise of Dracula, and McCree flaunting his Van Helsing-inspired look.

The consensus is that the skins are based on mythological monsters. Mei is channelling the style of the Chinese hopping vampire, the Jiangshi, which isn’t to be confused with a zombie even though it’s a reanimated dead person. This type of vampire is usually dressed in clothing which dates back to the Qing dynasty, and moves around by hopping with outstretched arms. Mei loves the cuddles.

Symmetra is bringing the devil (or demon) to the fray with a look that seems to be inspired by the Ifrit, a large fire demon known from Middle Eastern legend. I doubt Symmetra can be summoned like Ifrit from the Final Fantasy series, nor shall she be seen seducing folks in American Gods.

Finally, Zenyatta is exuding a rather Lovecraftian-vibe with his own take on the classic Cthulhu style. Personally, I think the get-up looks like a more agreeable Xur… but perhaps that’s just my Destiny 2 preoccupation getting the better of me.

The Halloween event goes live on Tuesday and if these new skins are anything to go by it seems Overwatch is going for a decidedly mythical and folklore-inspired approach to Halloween. Anything is better than the current trend of making Halloween sexy. It’s supposed to be creepy dammit!