Konami has unveiled Hudon Soft's Calling for Wii, a new horror title which promises to feature an innovative adventure concept driven by a terrifying story.

The game will feature what Konami is calling a "breath-taking" control system designed to immerse players into the nightmare scenario. Players begin trapped in a strange room, with the Wii Remote doubling as the on-screen protagonist's mobile phone. Players will receive a mysterious call to the phone - answered by raising the Remote to their ear - and will hear a ghostly message directly through the Remote's speaker.

The story revolves around the urban legend of the 'Page of Black' website. It's rumoured that anyone accessing the site will die from a coma brought on by an unknown cause. The site is a simple black page with a numeric counter in the centre, but is linked to a low-key chat room. Not everyone can enter the chat room, but on doing so, the player's psyche starts to receive calls from 'Abyss'. They then enter a state of limbo in a place known as 'Border' which is seemingly located between life and death.

Within 'Border' there are several areas inhabited by spirits which start contacting the player using the mobile phone. Players will need to solve the mysteries of 'Border' and seek an escape route.

Calling will be distributed by Konami in early 2010.