New Gundam Breaker players will be able to cobble together their own Gunpla Mobile Suit Armour before taking them up against hulking bosses, publisher Bandai Namco Games has revealed. 

Players can assemble Gunpla that are tailored to their individual play style by hoovering up parts from defeated enemies. These include heads, shields, guns, swords, and pretty much anything in between for you to collect, which can then be equipped even in the heat of battle thanks to real-time armour and weapon change.

When you're not battling against enemy Gunpla and bosses, you can take part in New Gundam Breaker's dedicated competitive multiplayer offering, which sees you and your mates duking it out for the most parts.  

Check out more details in the latest New Gundam Breaker trailer below. The game is currently in development for PS4 and will ship worldwide in 2018, though an exact release date has yet to be confirmed. 

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