PulzAR, a new downloadable augmented reality game for PlayStation Vita, is now available to buy from the PlayStation Store, Sony has announced.

Earth is in grave danger, somewhere just beyond our planet's outer atmosphere five giant asteroids are heading on a deadly collision course with the planet. It's up to the player to command a network of laser powered rockets to try and blast the asteroids before they hit the Earth.

The first AR Play Card placed is used as the Arena card and draws the level out, then the puzzles use up to five AR Play Cards to place the three types of objects in the game; Reflectors, Splitters and Colour Filters.

Moving the PS Vita around the play area will let you visualise the world in true 3D, you may see a solution you previously hadn't thought of.

PulzAR is priced £1.59, and those who require AR Play Cards can download them here.

PulzAR is the first of many more AR Play titles set for release this year.