Netflix is going to focus on mobile games first -
Josh Wise by on Jul 21, 2021

Netflix is going to focus on mobile games first

Netflix has recently announced that it will moving into the video games space. Now, as revealed in the company’s Q2 earnings report, it seems as though it will concentrate on mobile games first.

“We’re also in the early stages of expanding into games, building on our earlier efforts around interactivity,” the statement reads. “We view gaming as another new content category for us… Initially, we’ll be primarily focused on games for mobile devices.”

The streaming giant does have some prior video game releases under its belt. There was a mobile game based on Stranger Things , which Netflix released on iOS in 2017. Then, of course, there was Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which might be more of a film than a game, but still.

They felt more like toe-dipping attempts compared to this new development. Beginning on mobile also means that Netflix may not just yet be entering the streaming space—occupied currently by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

If the company does move from mobile games to traditional platform-based ones, it seems likely that streaming would be involved. Still, this could be intriguing news. On the one hand, we have a big company with lots of money indeed entering the video game space, and potentially shaking things up.

On the other hand, we might just have a fumbling corporate behemoth, with lots of money indeed, that doesn’t really understand the video game space, and sees it merely as another new content category. Time will tell.


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