Danger Close has worked alongside veteran Need For Speed developers to aid in the development of a first-person car chase mission found in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Titled 'Hot Pursuit', the mission sees a Tier 1 operator in pursuit of a target through the city of Karachi, Pakistan.

The mission has been created in-house at Danger Close, but speaking to VideoGamer.com yesterday, Medal of Honor: Warfighter's senior designer Ben Jones revealed that the Need For Speed devs had worked alongside the team to help create "the black box of the level, how we wanted the pacing and where it was going to go.

"From there, they worked really hard on the driving mechanics and making sure that the movement of the world was really polished. So yeah, we worked hand-in-hand with them to get it done."

While EA wouldn't confirm which Need For Speed team Danger Close had worked with, Jones suggested that ex-developers from Criterion and Black Box had contributed to the game.

"We work very closely with DICE and our other teams at EA," Jones continued.

"I think our focus as a publisher as a whole is to deliver the best quality products we can, and in order to do that we're leveraging our teams' talent more and more.

"I think Warfighter is a great exhibition of that, not only with working closely with DICE, but we brought one of the guys from Criterion on, and Black Box. You've got all these guys working together on a single product."

You can see the first screenshots from the mission by clicking the image at the top of the page, or check out the gameplay trailer below.

In addition to discussing the driving mission, Jones also confirmed that the Xbox 360 version would span two discs, and revealed that an optional HD texture installation is a possibility.


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