EA has released four new DLC packs for Need For Speed Rivals containing a variety of new cars for both Cops and Racers.

The Simply Jaguar Cops pack contains the Jaguar C-X75 Prototype and the worlds first hypercar, the Jaguar XJ220 for use in the Cop career, according to its description on Xbox.com. The Simply Jaguar Racer pack, meanwhile, contains the Racer versions of both cars.

Meanwhile, the Ferrari Edizioni Speciali Cops pack contains the Ferrari F40 and Ferrari F50. Again, racers are able to use both cars by buying the Ferrari Edizioni Speciali Racers pack seperately.

Each pack costs £3.09, or you can pick up Combo Packs containing both the Cop and Racer versions of each car for £4.69.

Judging by the descriptions, the DLC does not appear to include any additional races or areas.

To accompany the DLC, a 373.28MB 'Content Update' is also available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The DLC is expected to be available on all formats, but has yet to be formally announced by EA.

The DLC seems incredibly expensive, especially seeing as you're being asked to pay out twice to use the same cars on either side of the law.

Source: xbox.com

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