Naughty Dog toyed with a first-person view for The Last of Us

Naughty Dog toyed with a first-person view for The Last of Us
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The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog has revealed that it considered using a first-person viewpoint for its acclaimed post-apocalyptic horror title. 

Speaking at the DICE Summit this week, creative director Neil Druckmann confirmed that the California-based studio prototyped a first-person view for The Last of Us, which would have been the first Naughty Dog game to utilise the perspective. 

Obviously this was scrapped in favour of the third-person view we have today, although it’s certainly an interesting insight into how the game evolved over time. What’s more, Duckmann told Dan Trachtenberg at the event that the company is open to making a first-person game down the line.

‘We’re open [to it],’ he said. ‘The next game from Naughty Dog could be first-person.’  Humorously, Trachtenberg asked Druckmann what Half-Life 3 would look like if Naughty Dog had the opportunity to make it, to which he replied, ‘It would look awesome.’

During the same chat Druckmann also touched base on the movie adaptations of Uncharted and The Last of Us, offering a brief update on both projects. The studio is currently developing The Last of Us: Part II exclusively for PS4.