Naruto Shippuden 3D - The New Era will be released for Nintendo 3DS before the end of the year, 505 Games has announced.

This latest entry in the Naruto video game series is presented for the first time in 3D, with dynamic camera twists and turns designed to take advantage of the 3DS' capabilities.

Naruto is available from the outset as a selectable character, with rival Sasuke un-lockable during the course of gameplay. A supporting cast of ten 'assist' characters, three of which can be taken along per chapter, provides a chance to change the way players approach combat.

The game features a storyline based on the last events of the manga and animation series, featuring an all-new female ninja character, Malice. The mysterious Five Kages, will also make their first video game appearance in an adventure which spans nine different locations.

Naruto Shippuden 3D also promises to make use of the 3DS' motion controls, in situations such as avoiding certain attacks and during boss fights. Players will also be able to redeem Sharingan codes to unlock in-game items and characters by using the 3DS' camera to reveal the secret codes to be issued by 505 Games.