The internal names and images of all ten multiplayer maps expected to be included in Battlefield 4 have leaked online.

The images, spotted by a member of NeoGAF, were discovered on Battlelog - EA's social network for Battlefield - and drop hints at what to expect from the upcoming shooter.

One previously unrevealed map appears to be set within a radar array in a forest area, with another set on an island resort. You can take a look at the images and their placeholder names below.

Siege of Shanghai

Bf4 Mp siege

Paracel Storm

Bf4 Mp naval

Operation Locker

Bf4 Mp prison

Golmud Railway

Bf4 Mp journey


Bf4 Mp damage


Bf4 Mp flooded


Bf4 Mp abandoned


Bf4 Mp resort


Bf4 Mp tremors


Bf4 Mp dish

Only four maps have officially been revealed by DICE so far, including Paracel Storm, Siege of Shanghai, Operation Locker and Golmud Railway.

Battlefield 4's multiplayer beta launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC next Tuesday, October 1, with the full game to follow on November 1.


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