Scalpers are already selling MW3 beta codes on eBay

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Only a handful of weeks are left until the launch of the long-awaited MW3 launch, and, to no one’s surprise, some scalpers have now taken the opportunity to resell beta codes on eBay for the next installment’s upcoming open beta period.

Though learning how to get and redeem Modern Warfare 3 beta codes is a relatively straightforward process, it seems the prospect of earning money from players desperate to get into the game’s pre-release phase was too much to pass up for these opportunists. Of course, with the MW3 beta start time steadily inching closer, fans are looking for more affordable ways of gaining access to the game early.

Since the only method of entering the open beta at the time of writing is by pre-ordering any edition of MW3, these scalpers are relying on the fact that not everyone will want to pay full price for the base game. And with the costs of these single-use early access beta keys being significantly lower than that of both the Standard and Vault Editions of MW3, CoD fans have unsurprisingly begun buying these codes.

Based on many of the pages currently up on eBay, hundreds of eager players have already purchased the available open beta keys. And, even though we wouldn’t recommend buying from unsecured sellers like these, several customers have already left glowing reviews on the vendors’ respective pages, so it seems these merchants are legitimate. However, we’d imagine Activision doesn’t look too kindly upon those found to be using these third-party access keys.

Of course, no matter how practical these MW3 beta codes are, we would still recommend acquiring them through official means so you can avoid getting scammed by untrustworthy scalpers. If you’re having trouble deciding on which version of the game to purchase, though, then we’d suggest perusing our MW3 editions and MW3 pre-order pages to help you out.

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