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MW2 Status Installing – Potential Fix for Modern Warfare 2 Glitch

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) hasn’t had the smoothest of launches but is undeniably a great game – if you can get into it, that is. Many players are coming up against a Status Installing’ glitch which is stopping them from getting into the game, particularly the game’s campaign.

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This was especially prevalent during the MW2 early access period, but there may be rare cases of it happening with the main game. The good news is that this has been addressed by Infinity Ward and there is a simple fix.

MW2 Status Installing Potential Fix

If the game is stuck on ‘Status Installing’, Infinity Ward has highlighted steps to take to solve it. Do not rush to uninstall or reinstall the game – it’ll just add more time on to solving the issue. The steps to fix the status installing error on MW2 are as follows:

  • Press the Options button when you see Modern Warfare 2 status installing.
  • This then opens a side menu – you then can select any option
  • Leave the menu and you’ll be taken to the campaign menu

If this does not work, please try the following steps:

  • Reset the game
  • Turn off the console and boot the game up again
  • Make sure there are no other downloads going on in the background.

Again, if these fixes don’t work for you, it could be due to a hardware or connection issue. So double check your WiFi / Ethernet connection to ensure it’s not these issues.


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This should hopefully resolve the status installing error in Modern Warfare 2. When you do manage to get into the game, make sure you check out our best loadout guides – in particular this handy one for our favorite weapon in the game, the M4.

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