Intriguing musical platformer Metrico will release on PlayStation Vita on August 6, Digital Dreams has announced.

Developed by a three-man studio, Metrico sees players navigating across a mysterious world built out of infographics, including bar diagrams, pie charts and line graphs that "constantly change based on your actions, movements and input".

Similar to games like Rez, your actions will also impact the audio, although the developer admits that trying to explain Metrico properly is a tricky task.

"The main reason we're only showing gameplay footage a month before release is because we always felt the main mechanic of Metrico is quite a tricky one to explain through video..." says Digital Dreams.

"We attempted to create a clarifying gameplay trailer using several different approaches, but it was hard and took a lot of time, so we chose to instead invest that time to work on the game. In the end, actually playing the game, experimenting with all the different forms of inputs and getting direct feedback through playing is absolutely the single best way to understand Metrico."

To help players better understand the game, Digital Dreams plans to release a playable demo at launch featuring the entire first world. The developer warns players, however, that the demo "merely touches the surface of what we're trying to do with Metrico".

Still don't know what to expect? Take a look at the trailer above.