UPDATE: Murdered: Soul Suspect is being built using Unreal Engine 3, Square Enix has confirmed.

ORIGINAL STORY: Airtight Games believes that Murdered: Soul Suspect is more visually impressive than "a lot of games" headed to next-gen consoles, telling VideoGamer.com that launching at the end of the console cycle has allowed it to "maximise" current-gen hardware.

Explaining the reasons why its upcoming murder-mystery is skipping a next-gen release, Airtight's vice-president Matthew Bruner said that "next-gen is always a publisher choice and sometimes it's strategic.

"It really isn't the developer's choice to choose whatever platform you go on. But to be honest with you, a lot of times games that come out at the end of a console cycle really have learned how to use the hardware, how to use the code to maximise what you get.

"I think in many ways, our game being at the end of a console cycle looks better than a lot of the games which are going to be coming out on the next-gen consoles."

Murdered: Soul Suspect is due for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC early next year, and though it's yet to be confirmed, previous job listings for the studio suggest that the game is being built using Unreal Engine 3.

Murdered certainly has its own style, but we're not convinced it's as visually impressive as some current-gen titles, let alone a lot of the games headed to next-gen. Still, what do you think? Can Murdered hold its own amongst the next-gen crowd?


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