*UPDATED – RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED* MultiVersus Season 1 – release date, Ranked mode and more

*UPDATED – RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED* MultiVersus Season 1 – release date, Ranked mode and more
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Player First Games has announced a new date for the start of MultiVersus Season 1 via its Twitter account.

We’re excited to announce Season 1 will begin on August 15 with a brand-new Battle Pass for you to in-game rewards! We can also confirm Morty will join the character roster on August 23 as part of Season 1.”

The team promised MultiVersus fans more news on the incoming season over the next few weeks.

Here’s everything else we know about MultiVersus Season 1 so far.

MultiVersus Season 1 release date

MultiVersus Season 1 will now arrive on August 15, 2022. New character Morty Smith will arrive on August 23.

While the studio hasn’t detailed the full contents of the Season, they did warn not everything would drop on the 15th. “New Modes and content will be spread through the life of the Season. We’ll continue to share dates on all the fun things to come.”

Player First Games originally announced that Season 1 of MultiVersus was to kick off on August 9 before it was delayed.

The new season will introduce two new fighters to the all-star brawler, which has seen more than 10m players take part despite the full game not even launching yet.

“We want to let everyone know that we are delaying the start of Season 1 and the release of Morty to a later date,” said the studio via its Twitter account.

“We know this might be disappointing for some and want to assure our Community that we are dedicated to delivering new and exciting content that delights players.

“We’ll let you know the timing as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm and look forward to unveiling Season 1 very soon!”

However, as a result of the delay the Pre-Season battle pass was extended until August 15.

MultiVersus Season 1 – new characters

Both Rick & Morty will be added to the roster. First, Morty Smith was to arrive with the season’s launch. His grandpa Rick would then arrive later in the season.

Morty will be a Bruiser type character, with a focus on projectile attacks. He’ll be able to throw grenades, and whip himself at his opponents. Rick meanwhile is a Mage/Ranged fighter, who’ll be able to use his portal gun and the ability to summon Meeseeks.

MultiVersus Season 1 battle pass news

There’s very, very little about what will be in the battle pass. However, we expect there will almost certainly be more characters added to the roster – not including Rick and Morty.

Personally, it would be amazing if Cartoon Network favourites such as Samurai Jack, Courage the Dog and Ben 10 appeared – and fans on the MultiVersus reddit seem to agree. We don’t how likely that’ll be though.