UK Xbox boss Stephen McGill has played down concerns that Microsoft failed to show much in the way of new IP at E3, pointing to the fact that its first-party line-up is more successful than Sony's.

Asked by VG247 if Microsoft plans to introduce new first-party IP in the near future, McGill said: "[Crytek's] Ryse is a great example. So, you know, we teased that last year, but didn't really show a lot. We're showing a demo all this week. We've got plenty up our sleeves."

He then moved to defend the platform's line-up of titles coming from tried and tested IPs.

"But, you know, it's interesting: Halo is a huge, huge deal. We didn't really help ourselves with the leak a few hours before [the press conference]. That probably would have been a bit more of a surprise. There wasn't too much talk about Halo 4, but there was talk about a Halo remake before the event. So we didn't help ourselves there.

"But people sometimes kind of gloss over that. Gears of War is massive. Forza is massive. Halo is massive. These franchises outsell PlayStation's first-party lineup. People love these games. We will continue to innovate and evolve these franchises, and we will continue to bring new IP to the platform too."

Do you think Microsoft failed its audience by sticking to the franchises it knows work and not announcing much in the way of new IP?

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