Square Enix has today announced that Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker will be released in all PAL territories on March 14 2008, exclusively for Nintendo DS.

Players will need to hunt down over 200 monsters which can be added to your team. Once part of your team they can be trained in new spells and abilities so you can crush all the foes that stand in your way. It's also possible to synthesise amazing new species of monsters that will inherit the best abilities of their parents, even developing some rare new skills.

It's not all about defeating monsters though, with a fully 3D world filled with treasure and surprises to explore. In addition to the single-player campaign, wireless multiplayer should extend the game's appeal considerably. Included are team battle modes and the Wildcard World Cup in which players can be pitted against teams from North America and other PAL territories.

The game's been received reasonably well in the US so this looks like one DS owners should keep an eye one.