Capcom has broadcast a short video presentation showing off more of Nintendo Switch exclusive Monster Hunter Rise, as well as offering players details on a limited time demo available later today.

The presentation showed off one of the game's new locales known as the Frost Islands, a mountainous region covered in snow that used to be a nest for dragons. You'll be able to explore the area and take on monsters such as the yeti-like Goss Harag which attacks with blades of ice made from its own breath. There'll also be other foes to tackle like Barioth, Khezu, Great Baggi, Lagombi and bigger monsters like the Magnamalo. 

To help you take down these beasts, you'll be able to use new skills such as Wyvern Riding, which when unlocked allows Hunters to use Iron Silk to temporarily ride and take limted control of a monster including allowing them to attack other monsters. You'll also find aid from many of the game's NPCs that hang around the hub-like village in-between hunts, and they also get a brief introduction in this video.

Capcom also used the broadcast to announce the details of the demo for Monster Hunter Rise which launches today on the Nintendo eShop. It'll only be available for a limited time—until February 1—and will feature four types of quest and all 14 weapon types. The demo will feature one of the starting areas known as Shrine Ruins, and you'll be able to play solo or in local and online co-op and will also allow prospective Hunters to get a taste of the game's Palamute mounts.

Check out the full presentation for yourself below. Monster Hunter Rise is set to launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.


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