Monolith sets roadmap for Middle-earth: Shadow of War free DLC schedule

Monolith sets roadmap for Middle-earth: Shadow of War free DLC schedule Staff Updated on by

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If you’ve been busy dominating Orcs and wrestling Wargs, you might be please to know that Monolith Productions, developer of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, has detailed a bunch of free content coming to the game over the next few months.

Posting an infographic on the official Twitter page, the previously announced Endless Siege mode heads up the first content drop on November 21, seeing you fight to defend your fortress against, as the title suggests, endless waves of Sauron’s forces to see how long you can last. At the same time, Rebellion mode will be added along with an Enhanced Photo Mode. 

Then, on December 5 the Online Fight Pits will be available, allowing you to challenge another player’s Orc follower to a match between them and one of your own in gladiatorial combat to earn rewards and upgrades. Finally on December 12 a new Brutal difficulty will be added, offering an even more challenging experience and turning off the Last Chance mechanic.

The roadmap also makes mention of when the paid DLC content contain in the Season Pass, or available separately, will drop, with the Slaughter Tribe also appearing November 21 and the Outlaw Tribe on the same day as the Brutal difficulty, December 12.

Further additional content is set to drop in 2018; on the paid side the Blade of Galadriel will drop in February and Desolation of Mordor packs will follow in May. Further free content will also appear, but there’s no further details on what form that will manifest in just yet.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.