Peter Molynuex has said that he would definitely be up for making Fable 4 if asked, and even has ideas about what he'd do and who would be involved - including original co-creators Dene and Simon Carter.

Speaking to Eurogamer as part of a larger piece regarding the rise and fall of Lionhead, Molyneux said: "When I finish what I'm working on now, if someone comes to me and asks, hey, do you want to do Fable 4, I'd totally be up for it."

He continued: "I would get Dene back. I would get Simon back. And I would remake this world. It's such a rich world and there are so many avenues we didn't explore. That would be really good fun to do.

"And I'd still want the equivalent of another dog."

Molyneux is of course still involved with 22Cans and Godus, which was most recently reinvented as RTS Godus Wars.

You can check out Eurogamer's inside story on Lionhead for more info on what really happened at the studio.

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