Ex-Microsoft Games Studios Creative Director Peter Molyneux has said that he "always got a bit worried about [Microsoft's] 'Better with Kinect' line", saying that the games that chose to adopt the moniker never felt like they were integrating the technology "properly".

"I'm somewhat a believer [of SmartGlass]," said Molyneux, speaking to GameTrailers TV about Microsoft's upcoming tablet-based technology.

"The only question I've got is what am I actually playing the game with? Am I playing it with my controller? Am I playing it with Kinect? Am I playing it with my phone? How am I going to balance all these devices? That's why I'm wondering, does this all really fit together? Is it a really cohesive plan for the future? I'm a bit confused what I'm supposed to use.

"I don't want choice, I just want solutions".

Xbox SmartGlass is a new application for tablets and smart phones that lets players control their Xbox via a second screen. The app is due to launch this autumn.

"I love touch," Molyneux continued.

"I love the fact that it's called touch and you can move your fingers around. I just want to get everyone to focus. If it's going to be touch, focus on touch. If it's going to be hands-free, focus on that. If it's going to be on controller, focus on that. If you try and mix them all together, that's when it all gets very confusing.

"I always got a bit worried about this 'Better with Kinect' line because it never quite feels like it's being integrated properly. I'm a great fan of Kinect, a great fan of people sitting on the couch, but it's got to be absolutely superbly designed."

'Better with Kinect' titles are Xbox 360 titles that rely on the use of a traditional controller for gameplay, but incorporate additional Kinect features.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the latest Splinter Cell title announced earlier this evening, is one such title. The game lets people distract guards and call in aerial support using their voice.

Peter Molyneux left first-party Microsoft studio Lionhead Studios earlier this year to pursue a career in indie development. His studio, 22 Cans, is currently developing a PC and iOS title called 'Curiosity', due for release next month.

Lionhead, meanwhile, is busy putting the finishing touches to Fable: The Journey, an upcoming spin-off from the core Fable series that requires Kinect.

Microsoft announced earlier this evening that Fable: The Journey is due for release this October.