Mojang co-founder Jakob Porser has detailed the studio's plans for the launch of Scrolls, revealing that a closed alpha is "rapidly approaching".

The alpha is far from a feature compete version of the game, but will include multiplayer matches, single-player matches vs AI and the Deck Builder, where you can build your decks out of the 100+ scrolls that currently exist in the game.

Further along in development the alpha will end and an open beta will begin, giving players the option to buy the game at a reduced price with some added benefits. A single-player world, where you can explore and do battle to earn new scrolls, will be included.

The beta won't be feature complete, with an auction house and additional features such as character customisation still to come.

Selling an incomplete version of the game worked for Minecraft, and it looks like Mojang is trying the same thing with Scrolls.