Minecraft The Wild Update
Ben Borthwick by on May 27, 2022

Minecraft studio Mojang confirms that The Wild Update will arrive on June 7

Mojang has announced that this year’s major Minecraft update, dubbed The Wild Update, will land on June 7.

The Wild Update is set to add a bunch of new biomes, new mobs and new blocks to the game. These include the Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp biomes, originally intended to be part of last year’s Cliffs and Caves update. As such, players will find these new areas if they continue to dig down from caves.

Once they get there though, you may regret it, as the place is filled with a new mob: Shriekers. This new enemy will live up to its name, and shriek when it sees you. If it gets to the fourth shriek, it’ll make a beeline right for your face. So probably one to avoid if you’re not a fan of jumpscares. However, if you’re brave enough to continue in the biome, you might find some new sculk blocks for your troubles.

Meanwhile, the Mangrove Swamp includes plenty of trees with large roots that offer a new kind of wood block to build with. Here’s where you’ll also find another new block in the form of the Mud Block. The update also includes the new ability to build boats with chests, perfect for those larger voyages across the world. The three new mobs also included in the update are the Allay (voted for by fans), the Warden and the Frog. Naturally, the latter also includes Tadpole and Frogspawn forms.

Minecraft will get their hands on The Wild Update on June 7 for the game on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. And of course, on PC in both Bedrock and Java Edition flavours.


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