Xbox UK marketing boss Harvey Eagle claims that consumers will be hard-pushed to spot the differences in resolution and frame-rate between Xbox One and PS4 titles on anything smaller than a 60 inch TV.

Speaking to CVG, Eagle suggests that the problem Microsoft currently faces is changing consumers' "perception" of Xbox One, which is regarded by many as the weaker of the two consoles.

"I think it's a perception challenge, absolutely," Eagle said, speaking of the issues Microsoft has faced with multiplatform titles. "If you put third-party games side-by-side that are running at slightly different resolutions or frame rates, then unless you are using a screen that's more than 60 inches big, I defy you to really see the difference. I personally struggle to see the difference."

Nevertheless, Eagle admits that the issue is an "important" one, and something Microsoft hopes to tackle with the recent changes to Xbox One's GPU reserves.

"It's important, certainly," he continued. "It's something the media has certainly picked up on. If that leads to the perception that one machine is more powerful than another, then it's important, and we're trying to allow developers to bring games to Xbox One at the highest resolution and frame rate as possible.

"There is some GPU power that can be allocated to Kinect that we're now freeing up for developers if they want to increase the fidelity of their games. I want to point out though that this is absolutely up to the developer on how they deploy the power."

Multiple Xbox One titles have shipped with lower frame rates or resolutions than their PS4 counterparts, including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Watch Dogs.

Future titles are already believed to have benefited from the revised resource allocation, though, with Bungie stating that it has been able to boost Destiny's resolution to 1080p following the latest SDK update.


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