Microsoft surprised no one last night when it announced its latest financial results, by totally ignoring the huge elephant in the room named next generation Xbox.

The firm instead focussed on making these financial results sound good - in the same quarter last year Microsoft recorded $17.41 billion in revenue with $6.37 billion in income, versus this year reporting $20.49 billion in revenue with $6.06 billion in income. Spending is up, whilst income is down.

Microsoft succeeded in covering up any plans to imminently roll out a new console, simply stating that E3 is around the corner.

"Xbox continues to be at the centre of our living room strategy," Microsoft said. "E3 is only a few months away, and we look forward to sharing more shortly."

What of the current state of the Xbox and the Entertainment and Devices Division? Xbox sold 1.3 million consoles during the quarter, whilst the division as a whole posted revenue of $2.53 billion, an increase of 56 percent from the prior year.

Xbox LIVE continues to be successful for the firm.

"We continuously look for ways to improve Xbox LIVE for both our members and our partners," said Microsoft. "We saw transactional revenue grow roughly twice as fast as member growth this quarter."

Rumours persists that Microsoft will announce its new console in May.

Source: GamesIndustry